A Day At The Computer Lab

Next week, Joshua School Arusha opens for its second semester. Starting Monday, the school will be filled with sounds of kids in the playgrounds and teachers in classes. It feels just like the other day Wendy was talking about the beginning of the first semester of 2019.
This week however has been full of preparations. Lynda Stephenson is busy mentoring teachers for the coming five months while the headmaster and secretary work with visiting parents. 
I’m not part of the teaching staff, but part of my duties includes looking after the computers that were donated last year. When they first got here, I would go up to the school on an almost daily basis, partly because I love being up in the computer lab (30 laptops is a sight to behold)!

Dennis, the ICT teacher, has now largely taken over these responsibilities but this week we’re working together to clean the computers of dust that is always a problem when the rainy season is over, and a computer’s worst enemy.

Teacher Dennis working on the computers.
Since the introduction of the laptops the pupils of Joshua School have become adept at Word and now type their own letters to donors at the computer lab. They’ve being taking typing lessons and they are getting good at it! The teachers too are learning how to type! (I never had a proper teacher when I was growing up, so I don’t type as well as I should.) I am glad that the pupils are getting an early introduction to typing.
Over the sound of blower machines, Dennis and I talked about the challenges he faces in class. He is going to be start teaching Class Seven on using Outlook and web browsers this semester. The internet is an amazing place – full of potential, good and bad. It’s a vast library, and we talked about how we could prepare the kids for all that’s to come. Africa’s growing up, and we need your prayers to do it wisely!