Growth At JSA!!

If a school can have a growth spurt then we are having one at Joshua School! Not with numbers but with development. It’s wonderful to see things growing and developing.
First it was our new fuel-efficient stove. I came across a tradesman who is very competent at making these stoves and he agreed to come and build one for us during the school holidays. It is based on a simple rocket-stove design but large enough to feed a school full of kids. We are very pleased with the outcome! Our cooks say we are using less than half the amount of wood and the food is cooking faster. This is such a blessing when firewood is at a premium and classes were often held up by late lunches. Huge thanks to a generous donor couple, Suzanne and Derek. You have improved life at Joshua School!!

Then came our new swing set. It mightn’t sound like much but when you have a school full of kids fighting over two small swings, it’s a recipe for an accident. And swings are such a novelty here. So now we have a nice new big swing set that is always swarming with kids!!!

Kids on the new swing set – see the new staff room site in the background…

Finally, our new staff room complex is going up. What a blessing this will be. When we unexpectedly were blessed with a computer lab we had to rearrange things to find a suitable space for them. Out went the staff room. The blessing of growth pains! So now thanks to the generosity of our beloved “Mr Paul” we are getting a new staff room, and its looking fabulous!! No more teachers looking for a place to do their prep. I’m looking forward to decking it out as an inviting resource area that teachers will enjoy working in.

JSA new staffroom going up.