Celebrating a Year of JSA Computer Lab

One of my favorite places in all of Joshua School Arusha is the computer lab! We have thirty computers thanks to the generosity of UK sponsors. In the West that may not be unusual, but it is here where many schools struggle to find paper and chalk!

Before our sponsors, we did not have enough computers for every student.

My own high school experience was better than most. The whole school had six computers (seven if you count the secretary’s) which meant that our thirty plus classes had more than five students sharing a computer every ICT class. I kept finding reasons to hang back at the computer lab, bothering the computer teacher with a barrage of questions every chance I got and reading everything I could. Soon I was made the first “computer prefect,” launching me into what is now my career.

Our new computer lab has enough computers for every class at JSA!
I’m hoping for something like this (and more), to be the experience of our JSA kids and I can see it happening! At our annual class eight graduation, a few of the students presented a class on the mechanics behind computers. With no supervision or guidance from their ICT teacher, they showcased how to take a computer apart and explain its workings.
I watched in amazement from the sidelines as they explained to visitors and parents what every piece of hardware in a computer is called and how to tell when one isn’t working. At the end of their short lesson, to the applause of the parents, they put it back together and turned it on.
They took apart a computer and put it back together!!!

It’s exciting to see the progress the students have made in just under a year. As I previously wrote, most are now adept at typing and type their own letters to donors.  I believe year two of having a computer lab at JSA is going to be just as fulfilling and exciting as this one.

Thanks for being a part of it with us!