A New Headmaster At JSA!!

Humble Beginnings

When I met Joshua missionaries Jan and Rod Kell three years ago while they were on a COT mission in Magugu, I knew that God was answering my prayers. I had finished my bachelor’s degree in education a few years back but yet had to find a job I was satisfied with.

Jan & Rod
Regina, my wife and I are both professional teachers. As a couple, we wanted more out of our profession than being just teachers. We wanted to be part of an organization that was more about the students than making a profit.
Sharing with Jan & Rod opened doors I would not have imagined. Jan told me about her sister who ran a school in Arusha that held the same values as what my wife and I wanted. She would talk to her sister and see if I could be offered an interview. As per her promise, Jan introduced me to Lynda Stephenson, our director who gave me a job at Joshua School Arusha.
Not long afterwards, I too was asking Lynda to give my wife a job when the opportunity arose. The few months I had spent at JSA had assured me that this was indeed a place we would be proud and happy to work at.
My wife (Reggie & I)
JSA has seen tremendous growth over the years. One of my favorite things has been the emergence of the computer lab. My office sits next to it and every morning whenever I walk in, I step into the lab for five minutes and thank God, not only for the opportunities that He is giving the kids at JSA but also for the supporters that he has blessed us with.

Being the new headmaster comes with its own challenges. Parents who had grown accustomed to meeting my predecessor are often surprised to find a new face sitting behind the desk. I have found that being sincere and patient goes a long way towards building new relationships with these parents. Jonah Bakinikana, our previous headmaster who is now the HRM for all of The Joshua Foundation was an exemplary model and I have learned a lot from him.
In the office with a parent.
The outbreak of the corona virus has led to the closure of schools in our country. Parents have been flocking into my office worried about their children’s studies and the impact that staying at home will have. It is an unprecedented time, but I and the teachers have been working hard, not only to reassure the parents, but to also have lessons prepared that they can use to tutor their children from home.
As we prepare for uncertain times ahead, we are certain of the God who is leading us through it. In fact, we are turning this season around from being focused on COVID-19. Rather, we’re seeing it as COVID-91, where ‘91’ refers to Psalm 91 and God’s love and protection for all who “dwell in the secret place”. May you know His protection there too! 

Thank you for your support.