Welcome to the JSA Blog!

Karibu! Welcome to our new website and our JSA blog! We hope you’ll “drop in” regularly to share in the unfolding story of Joshua School Arusha (JSA) and the benefits a quality education provides our great kids in Tanzania!

I read recently that the Greek word Parakletos describes someone who comes alongside to comfort and support another.  We feel this aptly describes our friends, generous sponsors and donors who come alongside us to encourage and provide for Joshua School to happen. How grateful we are for each one of you!

In this first blog, I thought I’d provide some background concerning where we are, who we are and what we’re doing…

Tanzania is a beautiful country but the vast majority of its 56 million people are struggling to survive on a per capita GDP of USD $2.60 a day. The country’s literacy rate is climbing but the country’s education system is overloaded with classroom sizes of 60-100 students or more and overwhelmed teachers. In this environment, JSA seeks to provide a quality education with strong values to transform and uplift the next generation.

Located in an outlying suburb of Arusha (the exact center from Cape to Cairo), JSA is in an influential position to model great teaching practice to other schools in Tanzania. This is already happening through our teacher-mentoring program (over the last two years over 200 government teachers have been upskilled through our in-service training program), giving us increasing favor in government circles.

Teaching Teachers

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 Thank you, all our global friends who come alongside to make this work possible!!