The Covid 19 pandemic or (Covid 91 as we call it ) has brought on a lot of changes to the world. Public places of gathering such as churches and schools have been hit the hardest, leading our neighboring country, Kenya, to close schools and restrict church gatherings.

When Teacher Dennis, Joshua School’s ICT teacher and I met to do our regular maintenance of the JSA computer lab a few months back, our biggest discussion was how the computers could help if the schools were to once again close down as they did for a month last year. (See the closure of schools for a month)

We regularly clean the JSA computers

We have had the computer lab for nearly three years now and it has become a huge part of the JSA school syllabus. There are lessons for every class and the students have become adept at using them – some even getting really good at fixing them!

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If schools were to be closed again, the computers would be a great solution for passing on material to students remotely. This however, requires the internet, which until now was too costly to be viable. (Anything that is not locally made like electronics and other manufactured goods, is very expensive here.) What’s more, we could start evening classes for the locals at low prices that would hopefully help cut down on the recurring monthly costs

Thanks to a recent donation however, we now have all the equipment needed and so, over the last few weeks, Dennis and I have been digging holes, installing wires and getting the computer lab set up for internet! From next week, we will start training our students on how to use it (safely!) and our teachers on how they can train students remotely if the need arises.

Digging the hole that will carry the ethernet cable to the JSA computer lab

Next, we’ll start evening classes for the locals, and are now praying that these will be full and productive. Thanks for your prayers and support too.

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