Team Work

I don’t know about you, but teamwork makes me happy. I love to see different members of a team doing their bit to achieve a common goal. And so often the results seem to be achieved with much less effort because the workload is shared.

Here is a very little example from our team

One morning I went to visit the 3–4-year-old class of Joshua School. The kids were enjoying some free play time and I noticed that there were kids pushing building blocks around the floor, pretending they were cars. Uhuh, I thought to myself. No cars for them to play with! 

I took the challenge to Philemon, our base carpenter. Did he have any bits of wood lying around that could be turned into cars? I shared my idea of a simple car/truck. 

The next day Philemon turns up with a prototype. Fantastic!! How many do I want? Ten! No problem!! A day later Philemon deposits 10 toy trucks on my kitchen table.


The truck!!!
Philemon and happy kids with the truck

I took the trucks to school next day. What a reception! Everyone wanted a truck, so the kids took turns and soon we had a great road show! Success!! Happy kids, happy teacher, happy Philemon and happy me!! Teamwork had solved the problem. 

Road Show Time!
Great teaching moments: ‘How many stones can you fit on your truck?’  ‘How do we say thank you?’

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