Do you remember your excitement when you got your house, car, mobile phone, or anything like that? That’s exactly how we are feeling now that we have our own school bus! Yay!!

After a long time hassling over hiring school buses and facing a number of challenges with service providers we have had in the past (especially when some of our students live a long distance from school), we finally have a Toyota Hiace mini-bus. It’s a second-hand vehicle we traveled to Dar es Salaam a few weeks ago to find and buy, and it’s ideal for us.

All school buses are yellow in Tanzania!

The kids were so excited to hear the good news that we have a new bus, replacing the old one that dies on us several years ago! This week has been their first experience to ride in it.

Happy kids, ready to ride home in the Joshua bus after a long school day

Nelson, our long-time employee and an experienced driver, is once again “uncle” to the kids as the Joshua school driver. Kids love riding with “Uncle” Nelson, and he is delighted to be back on duty, regardless of having to wake up very early in the morning to collect the children, and returning home late in the evening! Dedicated staff like this makes Joshua succeed in each department.

“Uncle” Nelson about to drive the kids home

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