PROJECT 1 : sponsorship of our SEN unit

As we open our SEN unit we are offering a NEW PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITY for friends of Joshua School. We are offering sponsorship of our SEN unit. You choose how you would like to partner. To reach our goal of USD2000 per month we need partnerships like this:

66 partners giving USD30 each per month or…

33 partners giving USD60 each per month or…

20 partners giving USD100 each per month

With these funds we will:

  • salary our staff
  • subsidize fees for parents who can’t afford to pay (we have a committee who means tests parents)
  • purchase on-going supplies for the unit
  • fund home visits
  • fund regular interactions with other SEN centres co-ordinated by the district education office

On our SEN page we will keep you up to date with our SEN students – photos and stories.

Also follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Please tag your donation ‘SEN unit’ 

PROJECT 2 : SEN (Special Educational Needs) CLASSROOM FIT-OUT

We have the funding from a special donor to build a customised SEN classroom for our special needs students. Now we need your help to fit it out. Furniture, whiteboards, mats, equipment, and special toilet facilities. Would you partner with us to make this SEN classroom a place where students with disabilities can get the help they need?

We need US$4000 to make this happen. We will post pictures as we make progress. Thank you for helping us!

Project Partnership

We would love you to partner with us on any of our projects.

Follow progress on our website and Facebook page.